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February 2, 2021

So far, we have about 6 song sketches in progress, out of a total 12 that is our goal for the debut album. The idea from the very beginning was to have an aesthetic in mind, so that as each song was being written, produced and recorded, we could compare them against a visual. Ayla has finished the album artwork, and we are now able to assess each sound and texture against it to ensure that the sound matches the image we want to portray. Jesse is most excited about being able to hand the lyric and vocal work over to Ayla, to focus strictly on production and music for the time being. Conversely, Ayla is able to work on vocals as tracks are being written so that lyrics and melodies can influence the structure equally. Once the demos for the whole album are complete, we will reverse engineer them starting with drums and build everything back up from the ground. Looking forward to sharing the process with you as we go!

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February 1, 2021

Thanks for stopping by! This will be a place to share what we are up to, and to keep you apprised of our endeavors and progress. We are so grateful to have you. Enjoy!

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